7 Tips for Hemorrhoid Treatment and Prevention by Richard Eisenman, M.D., Gastroenterologist

7 Tips for Hemorrhoid Treatment and Prevention

by: Richard Eisenman, M.D. , Gatroenterologist

1) Prevent Hemorrhoid from Forming: Avoid prolonged sitting on the toilet and activities such as reading books or using your cell phone while in the bathroom.

 2) Increase fiber:  Increase vegetables, fruit, salads, whole grains and beans  intake to at least 30g/day.  Try over the counter fiber supplements such as gummies, pills, or powder (Citrucel / Metamucil), these can be taken twice a day.

3) Treat Itching Symptoms: Keep affected area clean and dry. Clean with water and dry well. You may install a water device under the toilet seat from pharmacy. Use over the counter hemorrhoid wipes like Tucks or baby wipes. Avoid wipes that contain alcohol/soaps/fragrances.  Wear breathable cotton underwear to decrease moisture. You may use Preparation H with hydrocortisone 1% for up to two weeks at a time.

4) Keep your stool soft: With fiber supplements twice a day. You may add over the counter laxatives such as Miralax or Colace twice a day.

5) Treating Painful/bleeding hemorrhoids:  Keep stool soft and avoid straining.  “Sitz Baths” are very helpful and can be done by sitting in warm water mixed with 2 scoops of Epson Salt for 20 minutes at a time. This can be done once or twice a day.  You may use RectiCare cream or other products with Lidocaine 5% for pain.  You may also use up to 3g of tylenol per day for pain.

6) Internal hemorrhoid banding (CRH O’Regan) may be a more definitive, long term and sometimes permanent solution to alleviate painful, bleeding, itching hemorrhoids. This is considered a quick, painless, over 99% effective and covered by most insurances. This option is mainly for internal hemorrhoids but can help with external symptoms as well. 

7) Emergency:  If you develop severe pain, Excessive bleeding, or fevers, you may need more urgent intervention or surgery. We recommend you dial 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room for immediate evaluation.

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